Month: October 2011

  • Newspapers

    I didn’t realise until recently what sort of unspoken cultural language we have about newspapers in the UK. In the same way that someone from England might watch Fox news and mistake it for the same sort of (mostly) unbiased [comparatively] news coverage we get on terrestrial channels over here, someone from Virginia might link […]

  • What’s up with Ebooks?

    I realise that this next is the same level of question as the “Why do foods with LESS fat cost MORE to make”, but I don’t think the answer is the same. I was looking at Google ebooks and the book on there are generally the same price as paperbacks. Why? A hardback book costs, […]

  • New site

    New site!   I hate how it looks right now, and I hate that I had to go with a service to make my site, instead of having control of it myself, BUT this one is *way* more functional than the old one, even if it does look like ass.   All the media links […]

  • About me

    Johanna “CK” Montague is a part-time internet DJ, producer, sometimes writer, occasional singer, and all sorts of other cool bizarre stuff.   You can contact Jo at (I hate mailto links).   Links Fiverr Facebook Twitter Etsy     Help save the endangered “Jo” from being homeless or, worse, internetless: