Treason (a poem)

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Apr 052012

When you caught me
I loved my queen
Saluted her picture
On the landlord’s wall.

When you caught me
I was talking to freinds
Speaking of spain
Standing in the hall.

When you caught me
I found my friends
Had been planning sedition,
Treason and plot.

When you caught me
I felt sure
That in trial, where their verdict
was guilty, mine would not.

On my way to the stake
I recanted my faith
I recanted my friends
Said anythng to avoid their ire.

Tied to this pike
I commit the crime for which I’m punished
Screaming treasonus insults
As they light the fire.

One KoL Log: JoJo needs run advice.

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Apr 042012

This is my current KoL run log. If you don’t know what it is, ignore it. If you do, please, please comment on it, tell me what I need to know to get better!



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This log was created by the Ascension Log Visualizer 3.7.0.

The basic idea and the format of this parser have been borrowed from the AFH MafiaLog Parser by VladimirPootin and QuantumNightmare.

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