Today, i’ve been doing research for a pilot I’m making for Uni. it’s a psychic game show.

In the course of my investigations I earned this:

psychic test, psychic development and psychic readings

Which apparently means I am middle-of-the-road at psychicness. I answered truthfully, and the questions were hilarious. I strongly advise you to give it a look if you’re a hard-bitten skeptic with a sense of humour like I am.


And here’s another two web badges. The first shows how many words I wrote on any given day this month (the aim is 1,667 a day, green is over, yellow is around, orange is under, and red is none at all).

The second badge is my winner’s badge, because oh my god, I actually did it once.

Yeah, I won. What, did you think I wouldn't?







I want to explain something here. I’m not doing NaNo to write a best-seller. I know my book will never get published. It’s very likely I’ll never submit it to be published (except to the place that offers to publish you five copies of your books if your purchase one, because owning a paper copy of it would be cool). I wrote it because I want to create.

I’m not an artiste, but I am a crafter with an artistic side, and I love to create. When I’ve finished writing and editing this book, it will be good. Maybe not brilliant, or great, but I’d be happy with good. All I want to achieve is a book I can look at and say “that’s the best I can do with writing, all packaged up in that one bundle”.

I also want to do it to prove that I can. This has been one of the most stressful months of my life, with my job and Radio KoL picking up, the first three chapters of my dissertation due in, other Uni work, and general life stuff, but I still wrote 50,000 words (I haven’t actually finished the novel yet – I have another two and a half chapters to complete).

I’m not that good a writer – don’t get me wrong, my grasp of English is pretty good, and I can communicate well, but the actual art of writing is a different thing – and I’m a chronic procrastinator. Not in a “Oops, I meant to do this yesterday and I didn’t get round to it” way, but in a “Oops, I meant to do this in April and only just got it finished in October” way (true example, that one). So to have done this, and everything else, in a month, is empowering (I hate that word).

Some more badges:
Mensa TestMy iq is 118! no wait, 144! – Mensa Test

I'm smurt
Yes, this was from an IQ test, no, I didn't make it myself.








I answered all these honestly and to the best of my abilities.

What’s the point? Nothing really, other than I like web-badges and IQ tests are stupid.


I might keep that one that says 144 though. I think that’s probably the correct one. Clearly.

These get better every time!
My eyes started turning red around day eighteen. And yes, my desk is lilac – it's a set of plastic drawers.