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  • Oaty Banana Muffins

    Ingredients For 12 muffins Method

  • Norman Snodgrass & Spong: A crochet pattern in progress

    This pattern is for Norman Snodgrass and his companion, Spong, from Sue Bough’s “Norman Snodgrass Saves the Green Planet”.  Please do check out her website.  Details:Unless specified otherwise, all rounds are worked as a continuous spiral. 3mm hook works well with any DK yarn – I’ve used 100% acrylic, but you can try other yarns for […]

  • 21 Jump Street (2012)

    Today, for some random reason, I decided to watch 21 Jump Street   Things I know going in: It’s probably a comedy. Or, like, a funny drama. It’s about police? I guess it might be a buddy cop movie? So I’m not holding out much hope. Onwards! The opening scenes of this film did nothing […]

  • Carrie (1976)

    Guess who just got a netflix subscription! So I went through my list, trying to find films that were on netflix.  The first five, no luck, but number 6, Carrie, got a hit. “Brilliant!” thought I, and sat down to watch carrie. Before I pressed play, I made a list Carrie: what I know. 1. […]

  • The Philadelphia Story (Gasp, a new post!)

    I’ve been watching new films recently – I wanted to write about this one. It’s only been a few years since I discovered It’s a Wonderful Life, it not having travelled to the UK as a staple of the Christmas holidays in quite the same way it is in America. The main thing I came […]

  • Time Flies

    Gosh, has it been that long since my last post? I finished my degree and graduated with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Broadcast Production. I even got photos, which I may eventually procure digital copies of and post somewhere.   I’ve just updated the site to add a portfolio page (there’s a link in the […]

  • Echo Chamber interview re-release!

    After the end of their first season last year, the guys from the TVTropes webseries Echo Chamber got in touch and asked if I’d like to interview them. Thrilled, I said yes. Now, with the new, second season coming out in a few weeks, the time seems right to re-post the interview!   The links […]

  • Treason (a poem)

    When you caught me I loved my queen Saluted her picture On the landlord’s wall. When you caught me I was talking to freinds Speaking of spain Standing in the hall. When you caught me I found my friends Had been planning sedition, Treason and plot. When you caught me I felt sure That in […]

  • One KoL Log: JoJo needs run advice.

    This is my current KoL run log. If you don’t know what it is, ignore it. If you do, please, please comment on it, tell me what I need to know to get better!     NEW Avatar of Boris Hardcore not defined ASCENSION STARTED 20120331 —————————— This log was created by the Ascension Log […]

  • New songs

    While wandering the social media, I notice a lot of people do a photo per day. I’d like to join in, but I’m not that interested in photography, so I’m going to do a song a day for.. a while. Maybe a year.   Occasionally, I’ll do original songs; mostly I’ll do covers. Probably everything […]