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  • Memories

    My first memory? Age 3: Woodchips. A park. The ground. Excitement. Safety. My mum tells me this is a trip to Edinburgh Zoo when I was about 3. I loved the woodchips, and was not bothered about the playpark things like the slide and the swings. More memories. Before I was 4: A double bed in a […]

  • Working on the site

    Just workin’ on the site tonight, trying to work out how I’m going to learn to integrate a blogging system into this nice site (rather than integrating the nice site into a blogging system), and thinking about RSS feeds. I’m not working out how to do these things, just thinking about how I’ll learn to […]

  • First episode is live!

    Oh my god guys, the first episode is complete and available here! This week’s show contains stuff from Molly Malone, Stuart Bryant, Fanny Henshaw, Maggie Moor, Jonathan Coulton, David Bythewood, and Shake that Little Foot. Shake That Little Foot can be found here Jonathan Coulton can be found here

  • I have nothing to write here yet.

    You’ll probably see links to podcasts, and possibly blog posts here.

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