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  • New songs

    While wandering the social media, I notice a lot of people do a photo per day. I’d like to join in, but I’m not that interested in photography, so I’m going to do a song a day for.. a while. Maybe a year.   Occasionally, I’ll do original songs; mostly I’ll do covers. Probably everything […]

  • Opinions

    In my day to day life I spend a lot of time on the fence, seeing both sides of arguments and not expressing my own opinion. This is often because my opinion is wrong, and I don’t like being shot down. That said, here are my opinions on some things, and bear in mind that […]

  • Badges

    Badges Today, i’ve been doing research for a pilot I’m making for Uni. it’s a psychic game show. In the course of my investigations I earned this: Which apparently means I am middle-of-the-road at psychicness. I answered truthfully, and the questions were hilarious. I strongly advise you to give it a look if you’re a […]

  • Nano

    I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. This is not because TVTropes has ruined my life, but because because NaNoWriMo owns my soul. I’ve written an average of 2,000 words a day, every day, since the first of November. Two. Thousand. What? Actually, it’s not quite like that. Some days I write three to six thousand, […]

  • Emotional repression, stress, and smoking

    The story, the excuses I’m not an emotional person. I think most people who know me, if asked to describe me in one-word answers might call me dependable, reliable, sensible, and so on. (Occasionally “Good singer” would probably slip through). When other people break down, or their world goes to shit, mine tends to stay […]

  • Newspapers

    I didn’t realise until recently what sort of unspoken cultural language we have about newspapers in the UK. In the same way that someone from England might watch Fox news and mistake it for the same sort of (mostly) unbiased [comparatively] news coverage we get on terrestrial channels over here, someone from Virginia might link […]

  • What’s up with Ebooks?

    I realise that this next is the same level of question as the “Why do foods with LESS fat cost MORE to make”, but I don’t think the answer is the same. I was looking at Google ebooks and the book on there are generally the same price as paperbacks. Why? A hardback book costs, […]

  • New site

    New site!   I hate how it looks right now, and I hate that I had to go with a service to make my site, instead of having control of it myself, BUT this one is *way* more functional than the old one, even if it does look like ass.   All the media links […]

  • About me

    Johanna “CK” Montague is a part-time internet DJ, producer, sometimes writer, occasional singer, and all sorts of other cool bizarre stuff.   You can contact Jo at jem@jemontague.com (I hate mailto links).   Links Fiverr Facebook Twitter Last.fm Etsy     Help save the endangered “Jo” from being homeless or, worse, internetless:

  • Echo Chamber!

    Here you will find the MP3 files of the Echo Chamber podcast! When TVTropes released a webseries, as a heavy lurker (jojoscotia) I watched it instantly, and every time a new episode came out. Not content with merely watching the program, I read the blog, the forum thread, the tropes page, and then, when I […]

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